What does Bhl8 stand for?

Be home late

When you get a text with ‘bhl8’, it’s a quick and easy way of saying “be home late”. This slang term is often used among family members or people living together when they’re going to return home later than initially expected.

It’s common to see a message with ‘bhl8’ from your kids or your partner. But you could also get this from a roommate or a parent who’s letting you know they’re running late.

Imagine this scenario: your partner bumps into an old friend at the grocery store. They decide to catch up over coffee and send you a text saying they’ll ‘bhl8’. This is a simple and effective way to communicate they’ll be back home later than planned.

Example for using ‘Bhl8’ in a conversation

Hey, are you almost home?

No, sorry. Bhl8. Ran into an old friend.

No problem. See you when you get here! 😊