What does BIC stand for?

Butt in chair

When chatting online, you might come across the term BIC. This is an acronym for ‘Butt in Chair’, indicating that someone is fully present and ready to engage in conversation.

For example, a friend might use BIC to tell you they’re at their computer and all set to chat. But it’s not just about telling others that you’re ready – this phrase can also be used in a more bossy context.

If someone tells you to “Get your BIC”, they’re not just giving you a friendly nudge. They’re basically saying they’re tired of waiting, and they want you to hurry up and get back to your chat. So, if you see this phrase pop up, you might want to hurry back to your chair!

So, next time you’re chatting online and someone drops a BIC, you’ll know what they mean. It’s a quick, funny way to say “I’m here and ready to chat” or “Get back here and start chatting”. It’s all about being present and ready to engage in the conversation.

Example for using ‘BIC’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to chat?

Sorry, not yet. Just need to get my BIC.

No worries, take your time.

Okay, BIC now. What’s up?