What does Biffles stand for?

Best friends for life

Biffles is a cool way of saying BFFL, which is an acronym for “best friends for life”. You might see this term showing up in your text messages or chat conversations, especially if it’s with your best friend.

Often, it’s used in a positive context. For instance, messages like “I’m so glad we’re biffles!” or “U + me = biffles, pal” are pretty common. It’s a fun and casual way to express the strong bond between best friends.

So, next time when your friend drops a text saying “We are such biffles!”, you know they’re just emphasizing how close your friendship is. And, feel free to use it in your chats to let your best friend know how much they mean to you!

Example for using ‘Biffles’ in a conversation

Hey! Guess what?

What’s up?

I just found out that we’re biffles!

That’s awesome! Biffles forever! 😊