What does BIFL stand for?

Buy it for life

On social media platforms like Reddit, ‘BIFL’ is an acronym that stands for “buy it for life”. It’s often thrown around in conversations about big, usually expensive, purchases. The term is used to suggest the idea of investing in a product that’s durable and long-lasting.

People who follow the ‘BIFL’ approach believe in buying high-quality items that will stay functional for a long time, perhaps even a lifetime. They argue that it’s more expensive to keep buying cheap items over the years than to buy one pricey, but durable item. So, it could be a smart move to spend a bit more now and save later.

But not every ‘BIFL’ product has to break the bank. On the subreddit r/BuyItForLife, users share pictures, reviews, and suggestions of all types of items they’ve bought and believe will last a lifetime. These can be anything, from measuring cups and boots, to stand mixers, water bottles, and even hatchets. Each of these can be a ‘BIFL’ item.

Example for using ‘BIFL’ in a conversation

Hey, I just bought this new water bottle. It’s supposed to be really durable.

Nice! Is it a BIFL?

Yep, exactly! It stands for “buy it for life.” It means the product is built to last a long time.

That’s cool! I’ve been trying to buy more BIFL items lately to save money in the long run.