Big Mad

What does Big Mad mean?

Extremely upset

Big Mad simply means being extremely angry or upset. Imagine being so angry with your friend for breaking your video game controller, you could say you’re big mad at him. Or, if you missed a great sale at your favorite store, you might be big mad about it.

This phrase started making the rounds in 2017, around the same time as another exaggerated phrase, “big yikes”. This is a way to express a stronger than usual ‘yikes’. These expressions are most often used on social media platforms to share feelings of frustration or annoyance.

People may also use it during in-person conversations, typically when they’re in a ranting mode. So, if you stumble upon someone who’s big mad, it’s best to give them some room to cool off. On the flip side, if they’re in the mood to vent, be a good listener and show some empathy towards their situation.

Example for using ‘Big Mad’ in a conversation

Ugh, I’m big mad right now 😑

Oh no, what happened?

My phone just died right before I could send an important text! πŸ“±πŸ˜€

That’s so frustrating! I’d be big mad too. 😫