What does Bish mean?


‘Bish’ is a friendly way to say “b****”, often used among close female friends or male gay pals. It became popular in the mid-2000s as a clever way to say “b****” without getting hit by content rules in places like work or school.

Even though it looks and sounds a lot like “b****”, it’s different enough to dodge any NSFW (not safe for work) flags. It’s a cheeky way to refer to the people you’re close with.

While it can sometimes be used in a mean way, most of the time, it’s a fun nickname for your buddies. It could be a long-time friend, your bestie, a new friend you just met at a party, or your fraternity sisters.

Example for using ‘Bish’ in a conversation

Hey bish! Long time no see! How have you been? πŸ˜„

Heyyy! I’m good, bish! Missed you too! Life’s been crazy. How about you? πŸ€—

Same here, bish! Work has been hectic, but I’m surviving. Let’s catch up soon, yeah? πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

Absolutely, bish! Let’s plan a girls’ night out this weekend. I need some fun! πŸŽ‰πŸΈ