What does BKA stand for?

Better known as

Often, renowned personalities prefer to use a pseudonym or alias, something they are BKA (better known as). This is a common practice among internet content creators, who go by their online usernames or social media handles instead of their actual names.

For instance, a YouTuber might be recognized by their channel name rather than their real name. They are, therefore, BKA their online persona.

The slang term ‘BKA’ doesn’t only apply to digital personas. In the world of entertainment, many actors, musicians, and performers use stage names. These names become more famous than their real names, making them BKA their stage name.

As an example, consider the actor Mark Sinclair, who is BKA Vin Diesel, or the singer Katheryn Hudson who is BKA Katy Perry. These names are more recognizable to the public, and thus, they are better known by these aliases.

Example for using ‘BKA’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about that new YouTuber?

Oh, you mean the one BKA their screen name?

Yeah, exactly! They’re getting really popular!

I love how they keep their real identity a mystery.