What does Blag mean?

Persuade someone to give you something by using ‘Blag’

Blag is a term used when someone is trying to get something they might not necessarily deserve, often through pestering or persuasion. It’s like they’re trying to con their way into getting something for free.

It’s a British slang term that’s been around for a while. The term has a few different forms like blagged and blagger. These terms all revolve around the same kind of behavior.

Originally, the word blag was used to mean “to rob.” But don’t worry, blagging in today’s slang doesn’t mean you’re actually robbing anyone. But if you’re asking for something in a shady way, people might compare it to a robbery. After all, you’re trying to get something you don’t really deserve, right?

Example for using ‘Blag’ in a conversation

Hey, I need a favor. Can you blag me a free ticket to the concert tonight? 🎫

Haha, you’re always trying to blag stuff! Why should I convince them to give it to you for free? πŸ˜…

Come on, you know I’ll owe you big time! Plus, I promise to buy you dinner next week. πŸ”πŸŸ

Alright, fine. I’ll try my best to blag it for you, but only because you’re my friend. Don’t forget that dinner! 🀞🏼