What does Bling mean in StarCraft 2?


For players of StarCraft 2 (SC2), the term ‘Bling’ has a special meaning. It’s a way of referring to the baneling unit, a creature from the Zerg faction that is filled with acid and designed to explode on impact. This unit is a more advanced version of the zergling, often nicknamed just ling.

Apart from the game lingo, ‘Bling’ carries another significance in the SC2 community. It’s the nickname of a former British SC2 player, who instead of Samayan Kay, we’ll call him John Doe for our explanation. Doe was known for his skills in playing the Protoss faction and was an active player from 2010 to 2015.

During his gaming career, Doe was a part of Team Dignitas, a well-known esports team. So, in the world of SC2, ‘Bling’ can either refer to a deadly Zerg unit or a retired British player known for his Protoss strategies.

Example for using ‘Bling’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch that StarCraft 2 tournament last night?

Yeah, I saw BlinG in action! He’s so good with Protoss.

Totally! His force fields and blink micro are insane.

And he’s not afraid to use some bling either, those baneling hits were epic.