What does Blinkie mean?

Blinkie is slang for a coupon dispenser machine

Ever been to a grocery store and noticed those machines with a blinking light? Those are called Blinkies. They are strategically placed in store aisles or sometimes even at the checkout station to catch your eye.

Blinkies are there for a reason. They dispense coupons that you can use for your shopping. So, next time you see a blinking light in a grocery store, you know there might be a discount waiting for you.

Interestingly, the term Blinkie can also be used to refer to the actual coupons that come out of these machines. So, whether you’re talking about the machine or the coupon, it’s all Blinkie.

Now that you know what a Blinkie is, don’t miss the opportunity to grab a coupon next time you’re shopping. Who knows, you might save a few bucks on your groceries!

Example for using ‘Blinkie’ in a conversation

Hey, have you been grocery shopping lately? I found this awesome deal using a ‘Blinkie’!

Oh, really? What’s a ‘Blinkie’? πŸ€”

It’s those coupon machines at the store with the blinking light to catch your attention. They’re usually in the aisles. You can grab coupons from them! πŸ›’πŸ’‘

Ah, got it! I’ve seen those before. So, what deal did you find? πŸ€‘