What does BLM stand for?

Black Lives Matter

BLM stands for Black Lives Matter, an activist group that believes they are a necessary force in a society where black individuals are deliberately and systematically targeted. This group originated as a reaction to the acquittal of a man named George Zimmerman over the death of a black teenager named Trayvon Martin in 2013.

The BLM group is known for organizing protests and rallies to draw attention to injustices experienced by black people. This term is often seen on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, usually accompanied by a hashtag. BLM is not just a group, but a movement that fights for equality and justice for black people.

Example for using ‘BLM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the news about BLM?

Yeah, I heard about it. What does BLM mean again?

BLM stands for Black Lives Matter. It’s an activist group fighting against injustice towards black people.

Oh, got it! They organize protests and stuff, right?