Block Damage

What does Block Damage mean in gaming?

Hurt caused to an opponent who is blocking

In the world of video games, especially those that involve player vs player battles, like Tekken or Soul Calibur, a term often thrown around is ‘Block Damage’. This refers to the harm a player receives even when they’re defending against an enemy’s powerful move.

You might also hear it referred to as ‘chip damage’. It’s a strategy some players use to gradually reduce their opponent’s health. They do this by delivering special attacks that cause damage, even if the opposing player is blocking.

However, this approach isn’t well-liked by a lot of gamers. It’s considered a dull and easy way to win, lacking the skill and strategy that many enjoy in these types of games.

Example for using ‘Block Damage’ in a conversation

Hey, have you played the new Street Fighter game?

Yeah, I’ve been playing it a lot lately. What’s up?

I just discovered this term called ‘Block Damage’ in the game.

Oh, I know what that is! It’s when you take damage while blocking an opponent’s attack.