Blow Up

What does Blow Up mean?

To hit it big or make it big

When something or someone “blows up”, it means they achieve success rapidly. The term takes inspiration from the speed of actual explosions, such as gas leaks in a house or a battery catching fire. However, in slang, it’s used to describe positive situations more often than not.

There are many instances when something can metaphorically “blow up”. For example, your mobile could be buzzing non-stop with messages if people are seeking you out. Similarly, a video going viral on the internet, or a band gaining recognition after a hit song gets airplay on the radio, can be described as “blowing up”.

Even though “blowing up” usually indicates a good turn of events, there can be moments when it’s not so favorable. If a situation turns sour and you’re the one who’s expected to sort it out, you could find yourself “blowing up” in a less than positive way.

Example for using ‘Blow Up’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about Sarah’s new business?

Yeah, her clothing line really blew up!

I know! Her designs are amazing and everyone wants to wear them.

Exactly! Her Instagram page blew up with followers overnight.