What does Bloxxed mean in Roblox?

Bloxxed equals Killed

When you’re having fun playing Roblox, you might hear the term ‘bloxxed’. It’s what players say when someone gets “killed” in the game. You’ll probably hear it a lot when you’re playing a deathmatch or any other game where survival is key.

Ever noticed how your avatar crumbles into little blocks when it dies in Roblox? That’s why they call it getting bloxxed. It’s a playful way of saying someone met their end in the game. Imagine dropping into a match, only to be taken out by a more experienced player. You’ve just been bloxxed!

There’s another term to know – get oofed. It’s pretty much the same as get wrecked. When you hear the oof death sound after being bloxxed, it’s like a little taunt from the player who took you out. So, if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a get oofed, just remember, it’s all part of the game.

Example for using ‘Bloxxed’ in a conversation

Hey, did you play that new Roblox game?

Yeah, I did! I got bloxxed so many times!

Haha, same here! It’s so frustrating!

Tell me about it. Every time I respawn, I get bloxxed again!