What does it mean on Twitter?

Twitter has given you a blue checkmark

When you see a Twitter user with a blue checkmark next to their name, they’re considered ‘Blue-checked’. This little icon used to be a major deal, a sign of being verified as an important and active user by Twitter itself. Often, these were accounts of big names like celebrities, popular brands, or influential figures.

However, since a new owner, let’s say John Doe, took over Twitter, the way accounts become ‘Blue-checked’ has been changing. Doe introduced a service called Twitter Blue, which lets users pay to get their accounts blue-checked.

Interestingly, Doe also mentioned that anyone who didn’t pay for this service would lose their blue checkmark, no matter how popular or influential they were. This created a bit of chaos and confusion about what being ‘Blue-checked’ really means.

So, as of now, there’s no clear-cut reason why a Twitter user might be ‘Blue-checked’. Some people who’ve paid for the blue checkmark still view it as a status symbol, but its original significance has been diluted.

Example for using ‘Blue-checked’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new account on Twitter?

Yeah, the one with the blue checkmark?

Exactly! They’re blue-checked now.

Oh wow, so they’re verified on Twitter?

Yep, that’s what being blue-checked means.