What does Blzd stand for?


Ever heard of the term ‘Blzd’? It’s got a few meanings, depending on the context. One of its uses is to denote a severe snowstorm with blowing snow.

But don’t be surprised if you see it popping up in gaming chats. That’s because ‘Blzd’ is also used to refer to a popular gaming company. Remember the creators of StarCraft and World of Warcraft? Yes, that’s them – the company is known as Blizzard Entertainment, often shortened to Blizz.

There’s yet another meaning to ‘Blzd’. If you’re a fan of ice cream, you’ve probably guessed it already. Yes, it’s a reference to that delicious treat from Dairy Queen – the Blizzard dessert!

Example for using ‘Blzd’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the weather forecast?

Yeah, looks like we’re gonna get a Blzd!

Oh no! I hope it’s not too bad.

Me too. I don’t want to get stuck at home.