What does BME stand for?

Based on my experience

If you’re chatting online or in forums, you might come across the abbreviation BME. This simply means “based on my experience.” People use it when they want to share something they’ve personally been through.

You’ll often see BME used at the start of a sentence. This is a hint that what’s coming next is not just an opinion but something the person learned from their own life. It’s like they’re about to share a piece of wisdom they picked up along the way.

But BME can also be found at the end of a sentence. Here, it’s a way to underline the fact that the person’s viewpoint has been shaped by their own experiences. It’s as if they’re saying, “This is what I believe, and it’s because I’ve been there and done that.”

So when you see BME, remember it’s not just a random collection of letters. It’s a sign that the person is speaking from their own experience. It’s a way to add weight to their words and make their message more impactful.

Example for using ‘BME’ in a conversation

Hey, have you tried the new restaurant downtown?

BME, the food is amazing! You have to try their pasta dish.

Oh, really? I’ll definitely give it a shot then!

BME, you won’t be disappointed. It’s the best pasta I’ve ever had.