What does BNWT stand for?

Brand new with tags

When you’re browsing through online markets such as Amazon, Poshmark, or Mercari, you might stumble upon the acronym BNWT. This stands for “Brand New With Tags“. It’s used to describe items that have never been used and still have their original tags on. These tags could include the price tag, barcode, size tag, or any other labels that come attached to a brand new item.

There’s a similar term you might come across, which is NWT. Despite having one less letter than BNWT, both these terms mean the exact same thing. Essentially, they’re used to indicate that an item is still in its original, unused condition.

Another term to keep an eye out for is MIB, which stands for “Mint In Box”. Like BNWT and NWT, MIB is another way to indicate an item has never been used. So when you’re shopping online and want to ensure you’re getting a brand new item, look for listings that include BNWT, NWT, or MIB in their description.

Example for using ‘BNWT’ in a conversation

Hey, I just found this amazing dress online!

Oh, really? Tell me more!

It’s BNWT, which means it’s brand new with tags!

That’s great! So it’s never been used and still has all the tags attached?