What does Boards mean in Basketball?

‘Boards’ is slang for ‘Rebounds’

In basketball lingo, “boards” is slang for rebounds. A rebound is when a player gets control of the ball after a missed shot.

The term “boards” originates from the backboard of the hoop. This is the part of the rim that the ball often bounces off when a shot is missed.

There are two types of boards: defensive and offensive. Defensive boards happen when a player gets control of an opponent’s missed shot. On the other hand, offensive boards occur when a player gets hold of their teammate’s missed shot.

You’ll commonly hear the term “boards” used by basketball announcers, coaches, players, and fans. For instance, when a coach wants his team to go after rebounds aggressively, he might shout, “crash the boards“.

Another common scenario is when a fan observes that their team is being significantly outrebounded. They might comment that the rival team is “killing them on the boards“.

Example for using ‘Boards’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the basketball game last night?

Yeah, it was intense! The players were really crashing the boards.

I know, right? The rebounding battle was crazy.

Definitely! They were killing us on the boards.