What does BOC stand for?

Butt on chair

When someone has stepped away from their computer for a bit, then returns and is ready to get back to work, they might use the phrase BOC. This stands for “butt on chair,” and it’s a fun, informal way to say that they’re back at their desk and ready to go.

This slang is often used by people who were AFK – that’s short for “away from keyboard” – and now they’re back. So BOC is a quick way to let you know they’re back in action.

And it’s not just for computer users. Students might use BOC to let you know they’re in their seat, ready to learn. Or maybe office workers use it to indicate that they’re at their desk, ready to start the day.

By the way, you might also hear BIC, which is pretty much the same thing. It stands for “butt in chair.” So whether you hear BOC or BIC, they both mean the person is in their seat, ready to get to work.

Example for using ‘BOC’ in a conversation

Hey, are you back at your computer?

Yeah, BOC! Just finished my break. What’s up?

Not much, just wanted to see if you’re available to talk.

Sure, BOC here. What’s on your mind?