Body Shaming

What does Body Shaming mean?

Making negative comments about someone’s body

Body shaming is a phrase that points to the act of belittling someone based on their physical appearance. It’s often a harsh criticism that targets people who may be considered overweight, making them feel self-conscious or upset about the way they look.

It’s most commonly seen happening to women, including those in industries like fashion modeling or body building. These women are criticized for being too thin or too muscular. It’s a way of imposing unrealistic and unfair beauty standards on them.

Body shaming often takes place online, especially on social media platforms. It happens in response to photos that individuals share on the internet. These hurtful comments can lead to negative impacts on a person’s mental health.

Example for using ‘Body Shaming’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that picture of Sarah on Instagram?

Yeah, I did. Why?

Some people are body shaming her in the comments.

That’s awful! What are they saying?