Bogey Golf

What does Bogey Golf mean in Golf?

Golf playing level where you’re one shot over the standard par

When you hear someone say ‘Bogey Golf’, they’re talking about a level of golfing where a player averages a bogey on each hole. To put it simply, a bogey means they’re scoring 1 shot over par. So, if you’re playing on a par 72 course, a bogey golfer will finish with about 90 shots.

‘Bogey Golf’ is actually a good standard of play. Many golfers find it challenging to complete a round under 100 shots, so consistently scoring bogeys is a sign of a decent player. You might also hear the term ‘bogey golfer’, which labels a player who generally shoots 1 over par.

Alongside bogey, there are other golfing terms you should get familiar with. For instance, an eagle means a player is 2 under par, a birdie signifies 1 under par, and a double bogey indicates 2 over par.

Example for using ‘Bogey Golf’ in a conversation

Friend 1: Hey, did you play golf today?

Friend 2: Yeah, I did! I actually played bogey golf for the first time!

Friend 1: That’s awesome! So, you were just one shot over par on every hole?

Friend 2: Exactly! It was tough, but I managed to keep it consistent.