What does BOHICA stand for?

Bend over here it comes again

You might bump into the term BOHICA (bend over here it comes again) when you’re sharing frustrations with a friend about a problem that just won’t go away. For instance, if your supervisor insists on everyone working extra hours, your colleague might message you “BOHICA, looks like we’re in for another late night.”

BOHICA has some potentially off-putting sexual implications. Thus, it’s best to avoid using it unless you’re chatting with someone you’re comfortable with. Actually, you might want to skip using BOHICA altogether, and choose a different way to voice your annoyance.

Example for using ‘BOHICA’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear? Our boss just announced mandatory overtime for the next two weeks. 😩

Ugh, seriously? BOHICA! Looks like we’ll be stuck at the office late again. 😫

I know, right? It feels like we can never catch a break. πŸ˜”

Tell me about it. BOHICA strikes again! πŸ˜’