What does BookTube mean?

YouTube personalities who talk about books, known as BookTube

BookTube is a popular corner of YouTube where people love to talk about books. These folks, known as BookTubers, often share book reviews, their favorite reads, and even dive into in-depth discussions about various literary elements, genres, and characters.

Similar to BookTok on TikTok, BookTube content is generally more detailed, offering viewers a chance to explore books and authors more thoroughly. Regardless of your taste in books, you can find a BookTuber discussing your preferred genre or author.

While the majority of BookTubers focus on fantasy, romance, and young adult novels, there are also those who delve into more serious fiction and non-fiction. This makes BookTube a versatile platform for all kinds of book lovers.

Some BookTubers add a personal touch to their channels, mixing book discussions with cooking, home improvement, and other lifestyle content. This not only makes their channels more engaging, but also adds a homey vibe that viewers love.

Example for using ‘BookTube’ in a conversation

Hey! Have you heard of BookTube? πŸ“šπŸŽ₯

Yeah, I’ve seen it mentioned before. What is it exactly? πŸ€”

BookTube is a community of YouTubers who discuss books. They make videos about book reviews, recommendations, and even talk about different genres and authors. πŸ“–πŸŽ¬

Oh, that sounds interesting! So, it’s like a book club on YouTube? πŸŽ‰