Boomerang Child

What does Boomerang Child mean?

An adult who leaves their parents’ home only to return later

A Boomerang Child is an adult who, after leaving the nest, ends up coming back to stay. Just like a boomerang that you throw away and see it return, it’s the same with these grown-ups. They fly away when it’s time for college or when they have saved enough to rent or buy their own space.

However, they soon find their way back home. The reasons could be many – maybe they completed their education and are struggling to find a good job. Or, they encountered a big hurdle that threw them off track.

Whatever the reason, the end result is them returning to their parents’ home. The term Boomerang Child perfectly captures this phenomenon of young adults moving out and then moving back in.

Example for using ‘Boomerang Child’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Mark?

No, what happened?

He moved out of his parents’ place last year, but now he’s back living with them.

Oh, so he’s a boomerang child now?