Boomerang Kid

What does Boomerang Kid mean?

An adult who leaves her parents’ house but later comes back to live there again

A Boomerang Kid is someone who moves out of their family home, usually for reasons like going to university or starting a job, but then ends up returning. This term is named after the trajectory of a boomerang – it gets thrown out, but eventually comes back.

Often, these individuals leave home with a sense of independence and excitement about starting their adult life. However, they may find themselves back in their parents’ home due to certain circumstances, like not being able to secure a job after graduation or losing their job.

Boomerang kids are often represented in pop culture. For instance, the 2006 film “Failure to Launch,” with actors like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, tells the story of a boomerang kid.

Example for using ‘Boomerang Kid’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Mike?

No, what happened?

He moved out of his parents’ house a few months ago, but now he’s back living with them again.

Oh, so he’s a boomerang kid now?