What does BOOMS stand for?

Bored out of my skull

When someone drops the term BOOMS in a chat, they’re telling you they’re massively bored. BOOMS is a catchy way of saying “bored out of my skull”.

It’s a cry for help that they are in desperate need of something fun or interesting to do. Essentially, they’re so bored that they feel like their skull is empty.

If you get a message with BOOMS, it’s your cue to step in and save the day. You could do this by sending them funny memes, engaging them in an interesting conversation, or suggesting a fun activity.

Hopefully, one of these actions will help the person shake off their boredom and get back into the swing of things.

Example for using ‘BOOMS’ in a conversation

Hey! What’s up?


Oh no, you’re really bored! πŸ˜”

Yeah, I’ve got nothing to do. Any suggestions?