Boosted Ape

What does Boosted Ape mean in Roblox?

A gamer who got to win thanks to their buddies

When someone on Roblox tags you as a boosted ape, they’re trying to imply that your gaming achievements are not due to your skills but rather due to your friends’ support. They believe that your high scores, ranks or levels are not a reflection of your gaming capabilities but rather a result of you being part of a strong team or having talented friends.

The term boosted ape is a combination of two words – ‘boosted’ and ‘ape’. The term ‘boosted’ suggests that you’ve been elevated or pushed forward by someone else, in this case, your friends. And ‘ape’ is used to indicate that you are simple or lacking in gaming skills.

However, if you ever find a Roblox player calling you a boosted ape, there’s no need to get upset. It’s best to ignore such comments and continue enjoying your game. After all, having strong teammates and enjoying victories, points or high levels is part of the fun in gaming!

Example for using ‘Boosted Ape’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that game last night?

Yeah, it was crazy! But did you notice how Joe was playing?

Yeah, he was pretty bad. I think he got carried by his friends.

Haha, definitely! He’s such a boosted ape.