What does BOTB stand for?

Back of the book

If you’re into books, you might have seen the acronym BOTB. It stands for “back of the book”. This is a term that’s commonly used by students. They use it to talk about the answer section that’s usually found at the end of textbooks.

But, it’s not just students who use this term. Other people use it too. They might use BOTB to tell you to look in the back of a book.

For instance, if you borrowed a book from a friend, let’s say Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, they could tell you “don’t forget there’s a glossary in the BOTB, where you can look up old-timey slang.”

So, BOTB is a handy acronym to know, especially if you’re a book lover. It can help you navigate books better and find the information you need more quickly.

Example for using ‘BOTB’ in a conversation

Hey, have you finished reading that textbook yet?

No, not yet. Why?

Well, in the BOTB, there’s an answer key that might help with the practice questions.

Oh, thanks for letting me know! I’ll definitely check it out.