What does Bout mean?

‘Bout’ is slang for ‘About’

Ever wondered what ‘Bout’ means when you see it in texts or hear it in a conversation? It’s just a shorter way to say “about”. It’s used in everyday speech, online chats, and SMS messages.

It might seem strange to shorten a word by just one letter, but it reflects how people often speak – softening or dropping the “a” in “about” to make it quicker and easier to say. This can be handy when trying to rhyme in songs too.

For instance, let’s say your buddy Jack pings you asking when the BBQ is kicking off. You could reply with something like, “‘Bout 10. Don’t miss out.”

Or maybe, there’s a time when you’re really frustrated and you might say, “I gave him a stern look and said, ‘I’m ’bout to lose my temper if you don’t get back in the van’.”

So remember, next time you see or hear ‘Bout’, it’s just a quicker way to say “about”.

Example for using ‘Bout’ in a conversation

Hey, you coming to the game tonight?

Yeah, I’m bout to leave now. Be there soon! πŸ€

Awesome! I’ll save you a seat. πŸŽ‰

Thanks! Bout time we catch a game together. πŸ™Œ