Boy Dinner

What does Boy Dinner mean?

A meal full of junk food

When TikTokers say “boy dinner”, they’re talking about the kind of meal a typical guy might whip up using only what he has in his kitchen. This could be anything from a frozen pizza and a bag of chips, to a can of soda. It’s not exactly gourmet, but it’s easy, quick, and doesn’t require any fancy cooking skills.

The term “boy dinner” is a fun play on the phrase “girl dinner”, which is also popular on TikTok. However, while a “girl dinner” usually refers to a simple, healthy meal carefully put together with whatever ingredients are at hand, a “boy dinner” is the exact opposite. It’s a meal made up of foods that aren’t exactly known for being good for you.

So who came up with this hilarious term? TikToker @johnnydoe is often given credit for starting the “boy dinner” trend in a video he posted in July 2023. In the video, he suggests picturing the contents of a single man’s grocery cart when trying to imagine what a “boy dinner” might look like.

Example for using ‘Boy Dinner’ in a conversation

Just got home, what’s for dinner?

Boy dinner tonight! Frozen pizza, potato chips, and a soda.

Haha, sounds like a classic boy dinner!

Yeah, sometimes you just need some junk food, you know?