Boy Math

What does Boy Math mean?

Guy Calculations

Despite its name, ‘Boy Math’ is a term that’s not related to numbers or calculations at all. It’s a phrase that people use mainly on social platforms, especially on TikTok and X (previously known as Twitter), to call out some of the flawed logic or thinking patterns that some men use, particularly when these thoughts or actions demean women.

For instance, a lady might post on her social media feed, “boy math is assuming all women are after your money when you’re broke.” Or, one of your buddies might text you, “My old flame was totally into boy math. He chose to disappear rather than being honest with me.”

The phrase ‘Boy Math’ was initially a counter to the ‘Girl Math’ trend that was a hit in the summer of 2023, where women’s thought processes, like justifying costly purchases or their choice in men, were humorously exaggerated. The term ‘Boy Math’ started cropping up in August 2023, primarily on X (previously known as Twitter), as a playful jab at certain male behaviors. While some uses of ‘Boy Math’ are harmless, like fudging their height, others can be more serious, such as men making excuses for not paying child support.

Example for using ‘Boy Math’ in a conversation

Did you see that post about the guy who thinks all women are into him because he drives a fancy car?

Oh yeah, total boy math. He doesn’t even own the car, it’s his dad’s!

Classic! I swear, boy math makes no sense.

I know right, it’s hilarious and sad at the same time.