Boyfriend Bomb

What does Boyfriend Bomb mean?

When you find out the person you like is already taken, that’s a ‘Boyfriend Bomb’

Ever had a crush drop a Boyfriend Bomb on you? If so, you know how devastating it can be. A Boyfriend Bomb is when the girl you’re into casually mentions she’s already in a relationship. This unexpected revelation can leave you feeling crushed and upset.

Often, it’s the girls who are flirty by nature who drop these Boyfriend Bombs. They might do it intentionally to get attention or sometimes, it just happens without any malice involved. It’s like a truth bomb that shatters your hopes and leaves you picking up the pieces.

Interestingly, these Boyfriend Bombs are usually dropped on guys who are none the wiser. They misinterpret the girl’s signals and end up being the unsuspecting victims of this unforeseen revelation. So, the next time you’re chatting up someone you’re interested in, be on the lookout for any potential Boyfriend Bombs.

Example for using ‘Boyfriend Bomb’ in a conversation

Hey, I’ve been talking to this girl I really like.

That’s great! What’s she like?

She’s funny, smart, and we have so much in common.

Sounds promising. Have you made any moves yet?

Yeah, I asked her if she wants to hang out this weekend.

Nice! What did she say?

She hit me with a boyfriend bomb. Turns out she’s already dating someone.

Oh no, that’s rough. Did she do it on purpose?

I’m not sure. She seemed genuinely surprised when I asked her out.