Boyfriend Effect

What does it mean?

Alterations noticed after getting a boyfriend

The “boyfriend effect” is a term that’s pretty hot on social media platforms like TikTok right now, especially among young women. It’s all about the noticeable transformation a person goes through after getting into a relationship with their boyfriend. What kind of transformation, you ask? Well, mostly it’s about changes in their looks.

This trend kicked off in March 2023, primarily used by Gen Z women to share before-and-after snapshots of themselves since they began dating. The “before” pictures usually show them dressed up, with perfect hair and makeup. On the flip side, the “after” pictures are more relaxed, with them in comfortable clothes, like sweatpants and tees, and a natural, makeup-free look.

The interesting thing about these “boyfriend effect” posts is that they often have a self-deprecating tone. The users tend to joke about how their appearance has “downgraded.” But on a positive note, these posts often receive supportive comments highlighting how happy, comfortable, and real they look.

Example for using ‘Boyfriend Effect’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Jenny’s latest TikTok post?

No, what’s it about?

She’s talking about the “Boyfriend Effect” and how her appearance has changed since she started dating.

Oh, I’ve heard of that. People share before and after photos, right?

Exactly! The first photo is all dolled up, and the second one is more natural and casual.

Sounds interesting. I’ll check it out.