Brain Fart

What does Brain Fart mean?

Short moment of stupidity

Have you ever seen or heard a really smart person say or do something really silly? Well, you’ve just witnessed a ‘Brain Fart’. It’s a phrase people use when someone who’s usually pretty clever has a sudden moment of silliness or forgetfulness.

Imagine a fart. It’s sudden, brief, and then it’s over. That’s exactly how a brain fart works, but instead of a funny smell, there’s a funny or strange action or statement. And just like a fart, it’s usually unexpected and can leave people surprised.

The term ‘Brain Fart’ is not for everyone, though. If someone is always saying or doing silly things, then they’re not having a brain fart, they’re just not that bright. The term is reserved for moments where smart people have a momentary lapse in judgement.

Sometimes, people also use the abbreviation ‘BF’ when they’re referring to a brain fart. It’s a quicker way to say the same thing. You might also come across the acronym ‘AFB’, which means the same thing.

Example for using ‘Brain Fart’ in a conversation

Person 1: Hey, remember that time I accidentally put salt in my coffee instead of sugar?

Person 2: Haha, yeah! That was a total brain fart moment!

Person 1: I couldn’t believe I did that. It tasted awful!

Person 2: Don’t worry, we all have brain farts sometimes. It happens to the best of us.