What does Bread mean?

Bread equals Money

When people talk about getting their hands on some ‘Bread’, they’re most likely not referring to a loaf from the bakery. In street talk or slang, ‘Bread’ is a fun way to refer to money or cash. So, if you’ve ever wondered why your friends are calling themselves bakers, now you know!

‘Bread’ is a term you’ll probably come across in various places. It could be during an online chat, in a text message, or even during a face-to-face conversation. Imagine your buddy, Max, sends you a message saying, “Hey, can I borrow some bread? I need to get a ticket for the game.” He’s not looking for a sandwich, he’s asking for some cash.

Or let’s say your sister, Lisa, just landed a fancy job at a tech company. You could say to her, “Wow, Lisa, you’re going to be rolling in bread at your new job!” Again, you’re not talking about her baking skills, but the hefty paycheck she’ll be receiving.

Now, you might be curious about where this unusual slang term came from. There are many different stories, but one of the most popular ones takes us back to the American Civil War in the 1860s. It’s said that soldiers used to ask for their payment in the form of bread, rather than actual money. And that’s how ‘bread’ became a synonym for cash!

Example for using ‘Bread’ in a conversation

Hey, do you have any plans for the weekend?

Not really, why?

There’s a concert I really want to go to, but I’m a little short on bread. Do you think you could lend me some?

Sure, how much do you need?

Just 50 bucks, I’ll pay you back next week, I promise!

No problem, consider it done. I’ll transfer the bread to your account.