Breaking Ankles

What does Breaking Ankles mean in Sports?

Making a player trip over

In the world of sports, “breaking ankles” refers to the action where a player makes rapid and sharp movements that result in their opponent tripping or stumbling. It’s as if they’ve broken their ankles.

This slang is commonly used in games like basketball, football, and soccer. For instance, a basketball point guard can “break ankles” by dribbling and crossing over a defender, making them trip and possibly fall. In the same way, a football wide receiver might “break ankles” by making swift moves while running a route to catch a pass, causing the defensive back guarding them to falter.

Sports fans absolutely love it when players manage to “break” their opponents’ ankles, even if the play doesn’t result in any points or goals. Say, a basketball player manages a juke that “breaks” his defender’s ankles but misses the lay-up, the fans will still cheer enthusiastically.

You might also come across people referring to these instances as “ankle breakers” or talking about “broken ankles”. In essence, it’s all about the excitement and thrill that such swift and unexpected moves bring to the game.

Example for using ‘Breaking Ankles’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that basketball game last night?

Yeah, it was crazy! Did you see that crossover move?

Oh yeah, he totally broke the defender’s ankles!

Haha, definitely! The crowd went wild!