What does Breastaurant mean?

A restaurant where the waitresses wear very little clothes

A breastaurant is a type of dining establishment where the female servers wear outfits that highlight their chests. Well-known examples of such places include Twin Peaks and Tilted Kilt.

These dining spots gained a lot of attention during the 1990s, with chains such as Twin Peaks gaining a strong following across the United States. The typical setting of a breastaurant is a lively sports-themed environment serving classic American cuisine like burgers and fries.

Despite their popularity, breastaurants have faced considerable backlash. The main source of criticism is the choice of attire for the waitresses, which many believe objectifies women’s bodies.

Example for using ‘Breastaurant’ in a conversation

Hey, have you ever heard of a breastaurant? πŸ”πŸΊ

Yeah, I have! It’s a restaurant where the waitresses wear revealing clothes. πŸ™ˆ

Exactly! Places like Hooters and Bombshells are popular examples. πŸ—πŸŸ

Oh, I see. But some people think it’s disrespectful to women. πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ