What does Brew mean in card games?

Making an original deck from scratch

When you hear the term ‘Brew’ in the context of collectible card games (CCGs) like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering (MTG), it simply refers to the process of creating your own unique deck. It’s all about getting creative, using your own strategies and ideas, and putting together a deck that is truly yours.

‘Brew’ is a term that directly opposes the concept of ‘netdecking’, a practice where players simply copy decks from the internet. When you’re brewing, you’re not just copying what’s popular or what’s proven to work. You’re essentially experimenting with your cards, looking for overlooked gems and unique combinations, much like a wizard brewing a magical potion.

While the term ‘brew’ brings to mind images of a player physically going through their card collection, most brewing actually happens online. Players typically use online databases to search for specific cards and effects and then create multiple versions of their unique deck.

Moreover, ‘brew’ can also be used as a noun. Players often use it to describe a deck that is original or unique. For instance, if your buddy Mike played against a deck that was fascinating and different, he could say that he ran into an impressive brew.

Example for using ‘Brew’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new deck Steve was playing?

Yeah, it was a really sweet brew!

Totally! He always comes up with unique deck ideas.

I know, he loves to brew his own decks instead of copying others.