What does Brewski mean?

‘Brewski’ simply means ‘Beer’

Ever heard the term ‘Brewski’? This is a fun, laid-back way of referring to a beer. It’s especially popular among close friends, think of a dude named Jake asking his buddy Mike for a beer at a party.

What’s interesting about ‘Brewski’ is the fact that its origin is a bit of a mystery. It’s claimed by both Canadians and folks from the US Midwest. Each group insists that they were the first to use it.

So next time you’re hanging out with your friends and you want to ask for a beer, why not mix it up a bit? Try asking for a ‘Brewski’ instead!

Example for using ‘Brewski’ in a conversation

Hey, bro! Wanna grab a brewski later? 🍻

Sure, man! I’m down for a cold one. 🍺

Awesome! Let’s meet at the usual spot. πŸ“

Sounds good, see you there! πŸ€™