What does BRH stand for?

Be right here

When you’re chatting online and someone drops the acronym BRH, it’s shorthand for “be right here”. This is usually used as a response when you let them know you’re going AFK (away from keyboard), as a way of saying they’ll still be there when you get back.

Although it’s most commonly seen in online chats, you might occasionally find BRH popping up in text messages too. For instance, if you let your friend know you’re running late for your coffee date, they might reply with “No worries, I’ll BRH… just try to make it soon.”

So, next time you see BRH in a chat or text, you’ll know what it means. It’s a handy bit of internet slang to be familiar with, especially in the fast-paced world of online communication.

Example for using ‘BRH’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m running a bit late. Can you wait for me?

Sure, BRH! Take your time.

Thanks! I’ll be there soon.

No problem. See you soon!