What does Bridezilla mean?

A bride who is very demanding

Ever heard of Bridezilla? It’s a pretty common term used to describe a bride who is extremely demanding and difficult to please. She tends to get mad at everyone and believes she should have the most lavish and expensive things for her wedding. And still, it’s never enough for her.

You can often see this type of bride being portrayed in many wedding reality TV shows. One show, in particular, is actually named “Bridezillas“, which perfectly encapsulates the concept. These brides can become quite the handful, making the wedding planning process a nightmare for everyone involved.

So, when someone uses the term Bridezilla, they are usually referring to a bride who is acting overly controlling and unreasonable about her wedding preparations. Remember, it’s not a compliment! It’s a word of caution about a bride who’s letting the stress of wedding planning turn her into a monster.

Example for using ‘Bridezilla’ in a conversation

Can’t wait for Sarah’s wedding next month! 💍

Yeah, she’s been such a Bridezilla lately! 😬

Really? What’s she been doing? 😮

She’s been obsessing over every tiny detail and getting mad at everyone who doesn’t agree with her. It’s crazy! 🤦‍♀️