What does Bro mean?


‘Bro’ is a shortened version of the term “brother”. It’s used to indicate either an actual sibling or a brother-in-law. An example of this usage could be a message to your sibling saying something like, “What’s up, bro? Are you coming over to mom and dad’s house this Sunday?”

But ‘bro’ isn’t only used to refer to family members. It’s also a slang term young guys often use to refer to their close male friends, even if they’re not related. This is especially common among teens and young adults who are into things like sports, partying, and the dating scene. It’s not unusual to hear phrases like “Hey bro, let’s hit the gym” or “Bro, that party last night was insane.”

There’s often a stereotype associated with the word ‘bro’. People might imagine a ‘bro’ as someone who’s part of a fraternity, a surfer, or a sports team member. And sometimes, the term brings to mind images of muscular, not-so-smart guys. But remember, not every ‘bro’ fits into these categories. It’s important to remember that ‘bros’ can be of any shape, size, or type and shouldn’t be stereotyped.

Example for using ‘Bro’ in a conversation

Hey bro, you up for a game of basketball later?

Sure, bro! I’m down. What time?

How about 5 pm? We can meet at the park.

Sounds good, bro. See you there!