Brother Zone

What does Brother Zone mean?

When a person’s love interest sees him more like a brother than a romantic partner.

When one person has a crush on another, but that person sees them just as a brother, they’re said to be in the Brother Zone. It’s a situation that feels hopeless for the person who’s crushing, because it’s even deeper than just being friends. They’re seen as family, which closes the door on any romantic possibilities.

This situation is most common among guys who are really sweet and kind. They become friends with a girl they’re interested in and hang around her for a long time. But, they never make a move, so the girl starts to see them as a brother, not a potential boyfriend. These guys are often referred to as Beta orbiters.

The Brother Zone is a tough place to be. It’s like being stuck in the middle of the ocean without a lifejacket. If you find yourself in the Brother Zone, the best thing you can do is accept the situation and move on. Find someone else who sees you as more than just a sibling.

Example for using ‘Brother Zone’ in a conversation

Hey, did you talk to Sarah about your feelings?

Yeah, I finally mustered up the courage and told her how I feel.

That’s great! What did she say?

She said she sees me more like a brother… I got Brother Zoned 😞