What does BRT stand for?

Be right there

When someone texts you “BRT,” they’re saying “be right there”. It’s a quick way to tell you they’re on their way as soon as they can, usually after they finish up something else.

Here’s a practical example: Let’s say you’re waiting for your friend at a pizza place. You text them asking when they’ll arrive, and they respond with “BRT, just wrapping up some work”. This simply means that your friend will head over to meet you as soon as they’re done with their work.

BRT is a super handy term to use when you want to reassure someone that you’ll be with them soon. It’s all about keeping it short and sweet!

Example for using ‘BRT’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free for lunch today?

BRT, just need to finish up something at work.

No rush, take your time!

Thanks! I’ll be there as soon as I can.