What does Brushback mean in Baseball?

A ‘Brushback’ is a pitch that comes very close to hitting the batter

In the world of baseball, a Brushback is a pitch thrown close to the batter. This is usually an intentional move by the pitcher. The aim is to intimidate the batter and make them back off from the plate.

This strategic move is generally used when the hitter is crowding the plate excessively. The pitcher uses the Brushback to regain control of the plate area. This adds an element of surprise and danger to the game.

So, next time you see a pitcher throwing a ball dangerously close to a hitter, you’ll know it’s a Brushback. This technique keeps the hitter on their toes and makes the game more exciting and unpredictable.

Example for using ‘Brushback’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the baseball game last night?

Yeah, it was intense! Did you see that brushback pitch?

Oh yeah, that was close! The pitcher really wanted to send a message.

Definitely! It was a clear warning for the batter to back off.