What does BS stand for?


BS is a short form of the phrase “bulls***”, which is a popular American swear word. The term BS is often used when people want to express that something is not fair or not true. It has a crude tone to it and is typically used by people who are upset or doubtful about something.

By calling out BS, people are essentially trying to express their feelings of being cheated or deceived. The term BS is not just limited to being used as a noun, it can also be used as a verb. When used in this way, it means to lie to someone or, in more casual situations, to chat without any specific purpose.

BS is a versatile term used in various contexts, it can be used to express anger, skepticism, or to simply kill time with idle talk. It is widely used slang, especially in American English.

Example for using ‘BS’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new company policy? They’re cutting our break time in half!

What?! That’s total BS! We barely get any breaks as it is!

I know, right? This is so unfair.

I can’t believe they would do this to us. It’s just BS.