What does BTHU stand for?

Back the heck up

When people are feeling a bit irritable, they might use the slang term BTHU in their texts or social media posts. This is a way of saying ‘back off’ or ‘leave me alone’. It’s most commonly used during heated discussions, such as debates about politics or religion. For example, if someone named Mark is tired of hearing political jabs from his cousin, he might send a message saying “BTHU, I’ve had enough.”

Though it’s not a pleasant message to receive, it’s usually a good idea to respect the person’s wish and give them some space to cool off. BTHU is often used when the person is already upset, so pushing further might just make things worse.

There are other slang terms you can use if you want to tell someone to back off, such as LMA, GALMA, ‘bye felicia’, and GFY. These can also be seen in texts or on social media and convey the same general message as BTHU.

Example for using ‘BTHU’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that comment section on the news article about climate change?

Yeah, it was crazy! People were going at each other like there’s no tomorrow.

I know, right? I had to step in and tell them to BTHU. It was getting out of hand.

Haha, good for you! Some people just need to calm down and stop arguing over everything.