What does BTM stand for?

Bite me

If someone makes a comment or suggestion that you don’t appreciate, you might reply with “btm”. For instance, if a person named Alex comments that your outfit doesn’t look good, a fitting response could be “btm, Alex.”

With the rise of texting and online communication in the early 2000s, the phrase “bite me” got shortened to “btm”. This made it quicker and easier to type.

However, you might not see “btm” used as much these days. This is mainly because “bite me” is a bit of a throwback phrase from the 90s. It’s not used as frequently now, which means “btm” is also less common.

Example for using ‘BTM’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new outfit I bought today?

Yeah, I did. It’s not really flattering on you. πŸ˜•

BTM, loser. πŸ˜’

Wow, chill! It was just my opinion. πŸ™„