What does BU2M stand for?

Been up to much?

If you get a message with BU2M, it’s someone asking you if you’ve “been up to much.” Basically, they’re inquiring about what you’ve been up to recently.

You’ll usually see BU2M pop up in conversations with people you haven’t caught up with for some time. They’re curious to know if there’s anything exciting or new happening in your life since the last time you chatted.

But remember, they’re using BU2M because they don’t want to type out the full phrase “been up to much.” So, it’s a casual and quick way to catch up without getting into a deep conversation.

Example for using ‘BU2M’ in a conversation

Hey! Long time no talk! BU2M?

Hey! I’ve been good! Just got back from a vacation. How about you?

That’s awesome! I’ve been working a lot, nothing too exciting. πŸ˜…

No worries! Sometimes work keeps us busy. Hope you get some time off soon!